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GEHATI /gee-au-tee/ is a luxury handcrafted aroma brand that focuses on self, soul and skin care products! In a current world full of chaos, daily rituals and routines have become the new normal and escape to people's lives. Our products are incorporated within these routines and contribute to the individual self and soul care needs. The brand's motto is "Where a pampered soul lies, chaos can't reside." The company was founded by a single mom who had all odds stacked against her. With life hardships, she needed to obtain a way to find forever happiness within herself. She had to learn that chaos couldn't reside in a pampered soul. Therefore, she turned her zen rituals and self care regimens into a balanced lifestyle. 


GEHATI was created with a vision to make natural, non-gendered, self-care products that fit into an everyday lifestyle. The brand originally started with Scented Soy Candles and has expanded, since. In leading a busy life, it's vital to create daily regimens. All you need is location with minimal distraction to spend quality time with yourself--good products such as your favorite candle which promotes time to unwind--and soothing music which aides in calming your heartbeat and focusing your mind. 


GEHATI products are created by perfectly, imperfect artisans who have soulful hearts and energetic love. By producing on site, we are able to ensure that your products are ethically, conscious made. We source the best quality materials and ingredients, for our products. Our products are produced, labeled, packaged in-house and shipped from Atlanta, Georgia!

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Thank you for being apart of our journey, now it’s time for us to be apart of yours!

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